Hotjar vs Mouseflow vs Webmaxy: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

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Choosing the right analytics tool to keep an eye on the behavior of your visitors and prospects is crucial because it helps you:

  1. Get a qualified audience in large numbers to your site.
  2. Serve your prospects and visitors better.
  3. Learn more about the pain points and expectations of your audience.
  4. Curating and delivering a world-class web experience.

Even though solutions like Google Analytics 4 are free, they don’t answer the deep questions about the user such as the following:

  • Did the prospect find the content they were looking for?
  • Were they active or was the page just open?
  • Why did they churn without signing up or subscribing?
  • Are they getting stuck somewhere?
  • Did they leave the website because they were frustrated or because they found whatever they were looking for?
  • Do they find the website navigation user-friendly?

The above questions help to achieve the four things we mentioned at the beginning of the article. 

To collect the data that will help you answer the above questions, you need a behavior analytics tool.

In this article, we have discussed three analytics tools Hotjar vs Mouseflow vs Webmaxy.

Let’s talk about Hotjar vs Mouseflow first as they were old players in the industry.

Hotjar vs Mouseflow

Mouseflow was founded in 2009 by Lasse Schou with the intention of helping entrepreneurs like him to get the behavioral data of users that will help business owners and market owners. Soon, it grew to become an enterprise-grade software with multiple functionalities to collect data.

Hotjar arrived in 2014 with the intention of providing the same values to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It continued to add features and grew to become one of the most preferred tools by both medium and large-sized companies for collecting behavioral data.

Both Hotjar and Mouseflow will help you to:

  • Create heatmaps and scroll maps that will help you see where your audience clicks and how deep they scroll through your content.
  • Build and launch different types of surveys that will help you know how your audience feels and whether you are satisfying them.
  • Record user behavior to improve the on-site experience.
  • Get contextual feedback from your visitors when they browse your site.

But which one is better?

The following features give Hotjar an edge in the Hotjar vs Mouseflow discussion:

  1. You can add unlimited team members, even with the free forever plan.
  2. The customizable dashboard helps users capture a glimpse in seconds.
  3. You can be a part of multiple teams within Hotjar.

However, Hotjar can be hard on the budget of budding companies with limited resources.

Fortunately, Webmaxy, the latest behavioral analytics tool among the three we have been discussing solves that issue.

Why Webmaxy is the Better Solution

Webmaxy is the perfect solution for budding businesses who want to track their visitors closely. In the Hotjar vs Mouseflow vs Webmaxy conversation, ease of use and affordability are not the only advantages of Webmaxy.

Below are the features of Webmaxy that will assist you to collect all the visitor and user behavior data you might need.

Heatmaps: It is a graphical representation of the click-density of a particular webpage. You can build heatmaps in Webmaxy within minutes by going to Analyze>Heatmap. Then, click on the “Create a heatmap” button at the top right corner.

You can view the click-heatmap of any page by clicking on the red play button across each page.

You can compare the click patterns and densities of visitors from different devices through the dropdown at the top center. You can change the dates between which you want to see the data by using the option at the top right.

Scroll maps: These show how deep your prospects scroll down on one of your web pages while browsing. This will help you understand how useful they find your content. You can use the toggle at the bottom center of the heatmaps to view scroll maps for that page.

Based on the frequency of the depth of the scroll, the scroll map will be color coded. For instance, the red-colored area sees more engagement as compared to the green one.

Live session recordings: Go to Analyze>Sessions to access all the live recordings of the user sessions. You can find other details about the visitor such as location, device, and browser details as well.

To play the live session recording, click on the red play button.

You can add notes at various points in the clip to mark areas of improvement through the button at the bottom right.

Surveys: Webmaxy offers many templates that will help you to create surveys quickly. Navigate to Engage>Survey and click the “Create new survey” button at the top right.

You will get two options: start from scratch or build from a template. We recommend you choose the latter as it will simplify your process.

After setting the questions of the survey post choosing a template, you can set them pop up on certain pages when certain conditions are met.

Funnels: This feature of Webmaxy will help you to test the conversion rates of various funnels and campaigns by setting certain steps in a sequence you would want your visitor to take.

Navigate to Analyze>Funnels and hit the “Create new funnel” button at the top right and follow the instructions on the on-screen prompt.

You can modify the conversion funnels later if you want to through the green edit button in the middle. To view how a particular funnel is performing, click on the blue graphs icon on the left.

The Verdict of Hotjar vs Mouseflow vs Webmaxy

To deliver value in every possible way to your target audience, you need to understand them which requires the right tool. There are three tools that help you collect behavior analytics data: Hotjar, Mouseflow, and Webmaxy.

Webmaxy is the best option for budding businesses and solopreneurs for the following reasons:

  1. You can get it up and running within minutes after signing up.
  2. It will not make a big dent in your finances.
  3. The customizable dashboard will help you gain insights within seconds.

Webmaxy offers a free 14-day trial. Sign up today!

We hope we helped you choose the right tools in the Hotjar vs Mouseflow vs Webmaxy debate.

WebMaxy helps brands discover user experience with a set of tools like heatmap, visitor analytics, web survey and many more. Sign up with email. Free trials forever.

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