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D2C Summit

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  • Learn how you can manage your eCommerce business effectively and efficiently.
  • Improve your customer retention and make customers stick to your business for a long.
  • Get information about the best eCommerce solutions for your business.

Unlock the Secrets of Product, Strategy &
Tech Roadmap of Successful Brands

Be the witness of one of India’s largest D2C Summit on 7 & 8 June 2023 in Mumbai. Understand and gain exclusive knowledge & valuable insights on how to build, operate, and develop profitable D2C businesses in 2023. 

After the success of India D2C Yearbook 2021 and 2022, India D2C Summit 2023 is bringing together India’s most successful entrepreneurs, creative minds, and pioneering D2C brands for two days of Knowledge and Interaction which will help you build successful D2C businesses in 2023.

Get inspired by Industry experts and talented founders who’ll share their tried and tested strategies that have led them to success. Join us and 1000+ participants for 10+ tracks of experience profound speeches, panels, workshops & live Q&A sessions.


June 2023

Conference & Exhibition


June 2023

Conference Exhibition & Awards









What will you gain from India’s Largest D2C Intelligence and Knowledge Event?

Product Innovation &
Business Operations

Acquire valuable insights from top-tier D2C brands about product sourcing, efficient fulfillment management, and running seamless business operations to serve customers across India.


Which eCommerce platform are you using?  Shopify? Magento? Woocommerce? Marketplaces? Learn how to stand out from other brands, drive maximum customers, and boost revenue.


Gain real insights, business metrics, strategies, and technologies used by the top D2C marketeers across different marketing channels in digital business. Participate in a diverse range of workshops.


An all-in-one eCommerce customer management platform that gives you direct access to all your customer data and interactions in one place.

  • Conversion Dashboard

  • Dynamic Segmentation

  • Social Media & Email Campaigns.

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India’s Largest D2C Event Featuring WebMaxy!