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What you see the most may get unnoticed from your visitors. See your application from the eyes of your visitors- not just one or two visitors but every visitor. This data will help you understand what works well for your brands and what doesn’t. Incorporate data based decision making in business strategies.

Achieve Business

Keep a track of the goals you need to achieve from your web and mobile application with the key metrics of your website across segments. The advanced funnel analysis helps you find out which pages are the most valued and which is causing significant drop-off.

Know Your

Webmaxy’s heatmap is the most advanced heatmap present available in the market. It gives an insight of the visitors’ clicking and scrolling patterns. Thus helping decision makers know what works well for them. With session recording, know how individual visitors behave in recorded form.

Improve Customer

Track the key metrics of your website across segments and know what is liked by your customer most and what is disliked by them. And most importantly find out the page which is causing the significant drop-off.


When business strategies are backed by data they never fail. Improve your product, and enhance your site with the right stratgies. Get data that you can trust from real users to prioritize what you build.

Beyond Login

Know exactly how your user performed in their session with session recording. The recording will help you give the video tour of your visors activity on your application

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Three other tools available with WebMaxy Analyzer

WebMaxy analyzer is everything that you need to understand user behavior. Boost conversions with the robust visitor’s analyzer tool.

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Customer experience is evolving with every passing day, but not every change is liked by your target customers. Know what works best for your visitors. Webmaxy analyzer helps you find the extra details that help brands convert visitors into leads. Webmaxy is the missing puzzle that connects all the dots and data so you can get the insights of real pain.

Seamless Integration

Unlimited free trails

Webmaxy can easily be integrated with your CRM and other tools so that

Click, scroll & move maps

Three different heatmaps to analyze how users behave.

Compare user- behavior over time

Set the date range to compare user behavior from one month to the next.