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Get the exact data
to back your strategies

Stop guessing, get the facts that help you understand user behavior. Because your strongest intent about a feature change cannot be wrong? Heatmaps will exactly show you whether the new change is actually capturing attention or getting ignored.

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Bring User Behaviour to the
forefront of every strategy

When business strategies are backed by data they never fail. Improve your product, and enhance your site with the right strategies. Get data that you can trust from real users to prioritize what you build.

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Spot unpredictable

Your QA can miss a bug but your user can not. Find the pressing issues that went unnoticed whether it’s inactive buttons or high loading speed.

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Webmaxy heatmaps give a visual representation of
how your user interacts with your site.

Three other tools available with WebMaxy Analyzer- Heatmap Tool 

WebMaxy analyzer is everything that you need to understand user behavior. Boost conversions with the robust visitor’s analyzer tool.

Why you should try heatmap online 

WebMaxy’s heatmaps give a graphical view of sections that users click during their sessions. These data are helpful for the brands to understand what is working in favor of their brand and what is not. This helps the product managers understand a few issues that when resolved could boost conversions

A few more reasons to try Webmaxy’s Heatmaps

Unlimited free trails

Try heatmaps for every page on your site.

Click, scroll & move maps

Three different heatmaps to analyze how users behave.

Compare user- behavior over time

Set the date range to compare user behavior from one month to the next.