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Common Legal FAQs

Here are the most common legal questions we receive.

Can you sign our agreements, like our Data Protection Agreement or Service Agreement, instead of the WebMaxy template Agreements? #

We can only sign customer agreements in limited situations because signing someone else’s agreements can present us with numerous business risks. If we sign one-off agreements with our customers that change a lot of small or large aspects of our legal commitments, we’ll be unable to grow our product in ways that benefit our customers as a whole.

That being said, if you’d like to make a request relating to your specific or custom compliance requirements, visit our Legal Page.

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Can we make changes or amend WebMaxy Agreements like the Terms of Service, the Data Protection Agreement, or the Non-Disclosure Agreement? #

If you meet certain criteria we can discuss updates to our template documentation. Go to our Legal Request Page to discuss whether you qualify and what changes we may be able to accept.

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Can we get on a call with someone from your Legal Team? #

This is currently not possible. Due to the high volume of requests that our Legal Team receives and the small size of the team, we are currently unable to take calls with customers.

Head to ourLegal Request Page to make a request to discuss any concerns or questions with a member of our Sales team.

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Does WebMaxy require team members to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements or Confidentiality Agreements? #


All WebMaxy team members sign Non-Disclosure Agreements before starting at WebMaxy and they are made fully aware of the confidentiality obligations.

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Can your team complete our custom security questionnaire? #

We’ve created a Compliance, Legal & Security portal where you can find the most common questions we receive on privacy, security, and data safety. The resources in this portal should cover most requests that are asked in security questionnaires.

If the portal doesn’t cover all of your security questions, we are able to review custom questionnaires for customers who have an annual WebMaxy Scale plan, or multiple plans with an equivalent value (starts at $/€ 389 per month), if there are any points that aren’t addressed in our Compliance, Legal & Security portal.

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Adam Wilson #

Adam Wilson comes with an experience of 12+ years in the IT industry. As a Customer Success Manager, he has been researching and trying to understand the customers’ behavior in different scenarios. He has also studied human psychology to relate it to the purchase journey of the customers. His published books on customer psychology and behavior have received many honors and awards from various enterprises.

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