IP Blocking is best if you don’t want your data being mixed with user data #

Do Not Track is meant for those who are looking into privacy settings, while IP Blocking is best so your sessions on your site are not mixed with your user’s sessions.

We’ve built Webmaxy with privacy in mind. Data is collected anonymously unless you give explicit consent to collect personal identifying information. It is the responsibility of the website owner to allow you to withdraw that consent in accordance with data privacy laws.

The following steps are for if you prefer to have Webmaxy not process your information across any site on the web, including Webmaxy.com.

Head to Webmaxy’s Do Not Track page.

Feedback widgets will show with Do Not Track enabled #

Survey and Incoming Feedback widgets still work even with Do Not Track enabled. These widget responses are considered to be explicit submissions. If you do not enter a response, none of your data is collected.

Review the options to see which is best for your browser.

The Do Not Track page will allow you to see if your browser is currently supported by either method and walk you through the steps to successfully inform Webmaxy to no longer collect any of your data.

There are some limitations on some browsers and platforms due to the constantly changing nature of browsers. You can find more information about these limitations on our Do Not Track page.

Your browser may not work with our Do Not Track solution #

If neither options work for your browser/platform, previous users have found success in using a third-party browser extension to block *.Webmaxy.com from collecting data.

Can I see what data Webmaxy has collected about me? #

To learn about viewing your data collected by Webmaxy’s users, visit our User Lookup article.

Data collected by sites using Webmaxy is controlled by the site owner, however, Webmaxy provides site owners with the tools to help you learn about the personal identifying information that has been collected through Webmaxy.