WebMaxy code Installation guide for Magento

WebMaxy only supports installations on Magento 2.3.1 or newer versions.

Follow the below steps to install WebMaxy tracking code on a website built and hosted with Magento.

STEP 1: From your WebMaxy account, Go to the My websites page and Click the Tracking Code button.

STEP 2: Copy the Tracking code.

Tracking code

STEP 3: Open Magento, Go to the Admin menu.

STEP 4: Click Content and select Configuration.

STEP 5: From the Action column, click Edit for the Website you wish to add WebMaxy code.

STEP 6: Expand the HTML Head section by clicking.

STEP 7: Paste the copied WebMaxy Tracking Code in the Scripts and Style Sheets section.

STEP 8: Click the Save Configuration button.

STEP 9: WebMaxy will auto-detect the verification process.

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