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WebMaxy code Installation guide for Smarty Templates

 STEP 1: From your WebMaxy account, Go to the My websites page and Click the Tracking Code button.

STEP 2: Copy the Tracking code

Tracking code

STEP 3: Paste the copied WebMaxy Tracking Code in a Smarty template (.tpl file).

STEP 4: The exact template will depend on your Smarty project’s setup. There should be one template file that will be used across your entire site, for example, the header.tpl.

STEP 5: Within the Tracking Code’s <script> tags, add {literal} tags.The Tracking Code should be inserted inside the {literal}{/literal} tags

STEP 6: Your WebMaxy Tracking Code is now successfully installed.

Adam Wilson #

Adam Wilson comes with an experience of 12+ years in the IT industry. As a Customer Success Manager, he has been researching and trying to understand the customers’ behavior in different scenarios. He has also studied human psychology to relate it to the purchase journey of the customers. His published books on customer psychology and behavior have received many honors and awards from various enterprises.

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