Sub-Processors Used By WebMaxy

Please see the below list of sub-processors that WebMaxy has engaged with, the country they operate from, and the service(s) they provide.


Sub-Processor Country Service Sub-Processor Measures
Amazon Web Services North Virginia Cloud Service Provider Shared Responsibility Model
Datadog Germany Real-time alerts and monitoring service Security, Data Protection, and Compliance practices
Sentry USA Application monitoring and error tracking Security and Compliance commitments

WebMaxy is committed to ensuring that all of its sub-processors have the appropriate legal and security safeguards in place to ensure that your data will remain protected to the highest standards. This includes signing a Data Processing Agreement (together with Standard Contractual Clauses, where applicable) with all of our processors and ensuring they all have supplementary measures in place, where applicable.

Should WebMaxy need to designate further sub-processors or make any change to the existing sub-processors, WebMaxy will inform its customers and give customers ten (10) business days from giving notice to reasonably object to these changes.

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