WebMaxy code Installation guide for Wix:

Install WebMaxy code smoothly on your Wix site by following the below steps:

STEP 1: Open the website overview page on Wix

Log in to Wix and go to the Site overview page where you want to install the WebMaxy code.

STEP 2: Open your WebMaxy account and Go to the My websites page.

STEP 3: Set the status switch turn ON & Click the Tracking Code button beside the website which you want to capture data.

STEP 4: Goto Basic tracking code and click on the Click to copy button to track users’ activity.

Tracking code

STEP 5: Go to your Wix website & embed the WebMaxy code within the <head> </head> tag.

STEP 6: Go to Identify Customers & click on the Click to copy button to get the unique identifier value of the visitors.

STEP 7: Paste the WebMaxy Identify Customers code in your websites code similarly as above (refer to STEP 6)

STEP 8: WebMaxy allows you to track visitors any custom actions, simply go to Track custom events and click on the Click to copy button

STEP 9: Paste the WebMaxy Track custom events code into your website’s code.

STEP 10: For embedding custom code, open Wix support and follow the steps.

STEP 11: You can verify the installation by checking your site’s overview page.

After successful tracking code installation, get the insights about User Sessions, Heatmaps, Surveys, Polls & many more.


Due to technical limitations, WebMaxy does not support Wix Stores, Forum, Pro Gallery & Wix Events.

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