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Brand Awareness Survey Template
Know the recall rate of your brand among your customer. Our interactive and user friendly brand awareness survey template are curated by experienced professionals and ensure high engagement among the audience, leading to a great response and completion rate
Political Survey Template
Gather important political data from the audience and gauge their political opinion using the user-friendly political survey template. These templates are quality checked by the political experts and are designed to capture the political sentiment and opinion to gather insights that are useful and actionable. Use the WebMaxy template on zero cost and enjoy quality templates
Skin Care Survey Template
Understand your type of skin and what product might work well on your skin. The WebMaxy skin care survey template have curated list of questions certified by the experts that asks the fundamental question regarding your skin and help find your insights valuable for the skin care
Relationship Questionnaire Template
Determine how healthy your relationship is by using the best relationship questionnaire template. These templates are designed to ask unique and relatable questions that give valuable findings on various aspect of the relationships. These findings can help partner understand their shortcoming and work upon it.


Technology survey templates

System Usability Survey Template
Wondering how useful is your tool? Measure it using the system usability scale techniques embedded in our system usability survey template. This template has standard question designed by the experts that helps your measure and understand the usability of your tool. They are especially designed to give powerful and actionable insights.
Software Update Feedback Form Template
Have you recently updated your software? Use the software update feedback form template that helps you understand how happy/satisfied your customer is with the update. These survey templates are used by top company to understand various aspect of the update and gather any glitches that the customer might be facing with the update.
Software Customer Satisfaction Survey Template
Increase your client retention rate by keeping an eye on the customer satisfaction rate. Regular check ins with your software customer using our zero-cost customer satisfaction survey template helps you gain insights on what is working well and what is not working well with your customer. These insights will help you expand and develop your business strategically.
Technology survey templates
Gather relevant insights on software, tools, and relevant tech skills in a particular context by using the expert certified technology survey templates offered by WebMaxy. These templates are free of cost and are designed to provide valuable and actionable insights to develop your capacities and capabilities.
Phone Survey Template
Make each and every survey phone call successful by asking correct questions to the correct person through the Web Maxy's most efficient phone survey template. These survey templates are easy to use and are designed to get good and meaningful responses from the phone survey.
Software Development Request Form Template
You are just a couple of clicks away to collect to collect request for your software developers using the Web Maxy's free software development request form template. These templates are designed by technical expertes and curates’ valuable information for your institutions. Try now for and speed up the request process leading to business development.


Social survey templates

Social Media Survey Template
Social media has become one of the best marketing platforms. If you are wondering how to generate data from social media then use our social media survey template and gather useful information to help and build your marketing techniques. The WebMaxy survey templated are free and curated by experts together responses on social media platform.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Survey Template
Business is now not just about profit anymore. Giving back to the society has become a major aspect for any sustainable and responsible business. WebMaxy's expert certified corporate social responsibility survey template helps you understand the values, rules and thoughts that CSR are guided by. Use them for free to understand corporate social responsibility better
Work Life Balance Survey Template
Gauge the feeling of your employee regarding how their job contributes towards the overall happiness. The work life balance survey templates have curated list of questions that measures feelings of your employees on different parameters and provides you insights to take strategic decisions for the people policy at your institution.
Commuting Survey Template
Use the WebMaxy commuting survey templates to understand the commuting pattern, choices, timing of your members. Our expert certified commuting survey templates helps you understand various factors related to commuting that helps you take any leadership, or policy decisions for your institution.
Member Satisfaction Survey Template
Not sure about the impact of your product? Use the membership satisfaction survey template and get valuable insights on how well is your product received by the members. These surveys are used by the top brands to understand the satisfaction rate of the members and take data driven strategic decisions to constantly improve the reach and value of their products.
Happiness Survey Template
Use the WebMaxy free happiness survey template to understand the feelings of your respondent and various factors that determines it. This template can be used to check the pulse of your employees, students, team, or any other set of individuals/group who you might want to study. These templates are designed after a thorough research and backed up by behavioural data that gives you meaningful insights for leadership decisions.


School survey templates

Course Feedback Survey Template
Understand how well your course is received by its students and learner. The Web Maxy course feedback survey templates asks the correct and effective questions that can help your gather insights across the feasibility, impact, efficiency and sustainability of your course.
Art Submission Form Template
Gather various type of artform for exhibitions, events, galleries using the most efficient art submission form template. This template provides curated list of question to gathers the details of the art and can help you gather various art pieces in a user-friendly manner. The WebMaxy art submission form templates can be customised to gather art piece for various events.
Student Demographics Survey Template
Understand the demographic of your students using the top students demographic survey templates. WebMaxy provides you free survey templates curated by the sector professionals who design it to provide useful and actionable insights.
Post-Graduation Career Outcome Survey Template
Understand the market for your post-graduate students using the best post-graduation outcome survey templates. It helps you to create a portfolio for your institution and understand various opportunity, sectors, pay scales your post-graduation course offers.
Student Mental Health Check-in Survey Template
It is time to focus on the mental health of your students. Use the student’s mental health check-in survey designed by the experts of the thematic area. The curated list of questions helps you understand the status of mental health of the students and make informed decisions and a safe space for the students.
School Climate Survey Template
Improve the environment of your schools, and improve your relationship with the students using the Web Maxy's free school climate survey template. It includes all he combination of MCQ and open-ended questions that can give you insights to improve the school’s environment


Performance review survey templates

Employee Motivation Survey Template
Keep your employee motivated to experience great business output and improved employee experience at your company using the WebMaxy survey template. It is designed by specialists to provide you effective insights on current employee motivation level and take informed leadership decisions.
Management Survey Template
Explore the management survey template designed by our experts to give you relevant insight on the management system of your company. These templates are available at zero cost at WebMaxy, explore and adopt for strategic leadership decisions.
Performance Management Survey Template
" Manage the performance of your employee at large scale using Web Max's performance management survey template. It is designed to be user friendly and provide relevant and growth-oriented performance insights. "
Performance Appraisal Survey Template
Create a better employee experience using 360-degree performance appraisal survey templates at WebMaxy. It provides your valuable insights and keeps the process transparent that leads to a better employee-employer engagement.


Training and onboarding survey templates

Training Needs Assessment Survey Template
Understand the needs of your participants before designing or organising any training session. WebMaxy provides distinguished training needs assessment survey templates to gather insights on the needs of your participants.
Product Onboarding Form Template
Small steps lead to great outcome, use user friendly product onboarding form template to provide great product experience to your client. WebMaxy provide free templates designed by system experts to give you enriching experience.
Post-Training Survey Template
Assess the impact of your training sessions and gather valuable insights using WebMaxy's post-training survey template. It is customizable and helps generate valuable insights to guide the trainers and map the outcomes of the training sessions.
Employee Orientation Survey Template
Business is now not just about profit anymore. Giving back to the society has become a major aspect for any sustainable and responsible business. WebMaxy's expert certified corporate social responsibility survey template helps you understand the values, rules and thoughts that CSR are guided by. Use them for free to understand corporate social responsibility better


Nonprofit survey templates

Exit Survey Template
Build an interactive exit survey that will have higher completion rate. Our customized exit survey templates will help you understand the trends and reason for the attrition of your employees. Experience a free and user friendly exit survey template.
Demographic Survey Questionnaire Template
Know the demographic details of your program area using an extensive demographic survey questionnaire template prepared by experts. It is easy to use and can be customized according to needs of this program
Online Community Needs Assessment Survey Template
Understand the needs of the community before planning or implementing any development program. The Webmaxy free needs assessment survey template helps you understand the multi-dimensional needs of the community.
Event Planning Survey Template
Take informed and strategic decision for your event using the best event planning survey template. Helps you gather information relevant to plan any type of events.
Volunteer Feedback Survey
Gather valuable feedback and information from your volunteer using an extensive volunteer feedback survey template. The WebMaxy survey template is free and provides your customisation option to suit your needs.


Market Research Survey Templates

Insurance questionnaire template
Get insurance survey template created under the guidance of the experts. Ask meaningful questions and real conversation using the free insurance questionnaire template.
Competitor Research Survey Template
Know your competitors better using the top competitor research survey template. The WebMaxy survey templates are well researched and tested to provide you valuable insights for your business.
Diet Survey Template
Understand the eating and dietary habits of your target group using the finest diet survey template by WebMaxy. Get valued insights on eating and dietary patterns and use them to generate actionable decisions.
Facebook Survey Template
Get accurate insights from the Facebook users using the premier Facebook survey template provided by WebMaxy. It is user friendly and easy to use for any type of Facebook users. Curates meaningful and actionable insights for you.
Customer Analysis Survey Template
Understand the psychology and trends of your customer choice using the free customer analysis survey template. It has curated list of questions that helps in behaviour analytics of your customers.
Media Usage Survey Template
Understand the trends of social media usage of people using the top media usage survey templates. The WebMaxy media usage survey template provides user friendly templates that generates valuable insights for your products/offerings.


Healthcare survey templates

Health Survey Template
Understand the status of health using our most well researched and tested health survey template. The WebMaxy Health Survey templates curates general to intrinsic health related indicators for you.
Patient Satisfaction Survey Template
Wondering if your patient liked your diagnosis and treatment? Use out patient satisfaction survey template to understand the experience of your patients and take effective leadership decisions.
Family Health History Questionnaire
Collect intensive health related insights from your the family members of your respondent using the best family health history questionnaire template. From general to intensive health details, get family health history using our free family health history questionnaire.
Health Questionnaire Template
Understand and store the meaningful health details of your respondent to take strategic decisions. Use WebMaxy health questionnaire template to get insights on the health of your employee/customer/team member.


Feedback survey templates

Cancellation Survey Template
Wondering why the customer cancelled the service? Use free cancellation survey templates to understand the reason behind service cancellation by the customers.
Office Feedback Survey Template
Engage in meaningful conversations with your employee using the WebMaxy office feedback survey template. WebMaxy office feedback survey templates helps generate meaningful insights by capturing the feeling and feedback of your employee.
Subscription Box Survey Template
Tailor subscription box for your customer using the most effective subscription box survey template. Web Maxy survey templates are user friendly and available at zero cost.
Lead Generation Survey Template
Identify and form meaningful relationship by taping the prospects interested in your product by using the top lead generation survey templates by WebMaxy. Customize them according to your own needs.
Beta Product Feedback Survey Template
Ask the right and most valuable question to your beta tester, using the WebMaxy's free beta product feedback survey template. This template will help you get actionable feedbacks on your product.
Product Feedback Survey Template
Wondering if your client liked your product or not? Use our hassle free and easy to access product feedback survey template. Use these survey template to get insightful and valuable feedbacks from your clients.


Evaluation Survey Templates

Training Evaluation Survey Template
"Want to know how your training went? Use the best training evaluation survey templates to get insights on the impact of your trainings. Use this template to improve the effectiveness of your trainings. "
Service Evaluation Survey Template
Evaluate your service and know your client/customer feedback with our special service evaluation survey template on your fingertips. These are well researched and valuable survey template to help you make strategic decisions.
Personality Questionnaire Template
Discover the true personality using our personality questionnaire template. Easy to access and use, WebMaxy personality test template can give you valuable insights on you and your team members personality.
Mobile App Survey Template
Get good quality and valuable feedback with our customized mobile app survey template. Easy to use and ready-to-go in free survey template.
Event Evaluation Survey Template
Know how your event went through our free event evaluation survey template. This post event survey tool captures valuable feedback and experience of the attendees using MCQ and open-ended survey.
Course Evaluation Survey Template
The course evaluation survey by WebMaxy will help you conduct an unbiased survey from the authorities to ensure all your courses are effectively plans. With WebMaxy survey you effectively customise your questions and surveys.


Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates

Candidate Experience Survey Template
Know how can you improve your candidate and visitors experience with Candidate Experience Survey Template by WebMaxy. Because every person counts to boost a people friendly culture.
Employee Benefits Survey Template
Use this smartly designed employee benefits survey template to know what fits for your organization. It will help you cultivate a work culture that enables your organization to win from within.
Job Satisfaction Survey Template
Employee satisfaction survey from WebMaxy helps you measure employee satisfaction levels with their job. It also helps you improve overall company culture, employee morale and productivity. Use this free template to power your workforce and HR strategies.
IT Satisfaction Survey Template
Just helped a customer with the IT services. Know what they actually think about the quality of service you delivered to them with IT satisfaction survey template. This survey has a section that will find your areas to improve or weather the customer will consider you for the next survey.
Manager Effectiveness Survey Template
Manager effectiveness survey template by WebMaxy can let you how effectively the managers of your organization are coordinating with the employees. It will help you understand their weak areas and strength. This is very important for both the managers and organizations.


Employee engagement surveys

Employee Recognition Survey Template
Employee recognition survey is mindfully designed to find out the most worthy employee of your team. It is always good to recognise the best talent. Our employee recognition survey template allows your staff to nominate their peers in a quick, easy way.
Professional Development Survey Template
Professional development survey by WebMaxy is carefully designed to identify professional development requirement of your staff. It has a dedicated section that addresses about effectivity of the current year professional development program. The other section helps you uncover needs for the next year’s offerings.
Work From Home Survey Template
There are many buzz around the globe about work from home good and bad for the employees. Why not just check with your employees? With this pre-build work from home survey template you can know what your employees think of the work from home policy.
Career Development Survey Template
Ensure that your company is providing enough room to your employees to grow in their respective careers. You can now easily check weather your initiatives are hitting in the right direction with career development survey template.
Employee Morale Survey Template
Employee morale survey helps you understand your employees better and find out the one who lacks moral aren't engaged in their work, nor the company’s goals.
Company Satisfaction Survey Template
Ensuring happy employees is crucial to enable your organization’s success. Our expert-certified company satisfaction survey template can help you measure your team’s satisfaction across different areas.


Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Gym Satisfaction Survey Template
"What do conduct gym satisfaction customers care about? Ask your customers what they think of your gym with an online satisfaction form and better understand how to improve. "
Resident Satisfaction Survey Template
Know what your resident thinks of the quality of the services and other details related to them with the help of resident satisfaction survey. Get started with the survey now.
Resident Satisfaction Survey Template
Know what your resident thinks of the quality of the services and other details related to them with the help of resident satisfaction survey. Get started with the survey now.
Reader Satisfaction Survey Template
Use Webmaxy Reading Satisfaction Survey for free to collect responses. This survey template is useful for different organizations to collect several information from their readers. Mostly related to likes and dislikes, habit of reading, topic and other details.
Sponsorship Satisfaction Survey Template
Know what your sponsors think about your brand with a free online sponsorship satisfaction survey. To get started, simply choose a survey template below and customize it to match your needs.
Customer Effort Score Survey Template
"Customer Effort Score survey is a powerful metric to help you reveal your customers’ satisfaction levels. The survey help you discover what your audience finds it easy to interact with your company. "


Concept testing surveys

Market Research Survey Template
Use this template to know your audience with market research.
Brand Perception Survey Template
Use this Brand Perception Survey template to know how your brand is perceived in the mind of customers, prospects, employees and other stakeholders. It will also help you understand what your audience think of your competitor.
Concept Testing Survey Template
This survey template consist of concept testing survey questions that helps your understand about the importance of the concept testing from your end users. Start your survey now.
Focus Group Survey Template
Focus group surveys by WebMaxy can help your maximum insights during and after recruitment. You can customise the questions to create your own personalized focus group survey to best suit your custom needs. Get started right away!
Consumer Preference Survey
This is a free template to get insights of your consumers preferences and explore hidden expectation of your customers.
Product research survey template
This free template can help you have a hold on opportunities, test the market, or validate your next big idea.


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