User Insights let you clearly identify users and
visitor segments in WebMaxy

Segment your visitors

Focus on the most important user segments with the help of User Insights. WebMaxy User Insight lets you exclude recordings from visitors that are not important for your business.

Boost your Marketing Strategies

User Insights offers competitive analysis about your products and services. It can also give information about what a user needs and how you can meet those requirements. Thus helps you define your upcoming marketing strategies.

Personalize your Marketing

WebMaxy User Insights give businesses insights about why users choose particular items over others and what motivates their preferences. You can use personalization to improve your personas and get the most effective strategy to address different segments of your visitors.

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Three other tools available with WebMaxy Analyzer

WebMaxy analyzer has all the tools you require to analyze user behavior. Generate leads by using the powerful visitor’s analyzer tool.

Why you should try User Insights

Track different user segments separately to make smart decisions about improving customer experience. Monitoring one just one segment may not help you improve user experience. It is easy to use and efficient for your business.

Seamless Integration

Unlimited free trails

Webmaxy can easily be integrated with your CRM and other tools so that

Click, scroll & move maps

Three different heatmaps to analyze how users behave.

Compare user- behavior over time

Set the date range to compare user behavior from one month to the next.

How to use User Insights

A complete guide to help you how to use User Insights with chapters about creating
and analyzing User Insights, case studies, practical examples, and FAQs.