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WebMaxy Analyzer is an all-in-one solution that can help you create awesome user experiences.

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Ecommerce GrowthWebMaxy AnalyzerSurvey Bunny

Ecommerce Growth

An all-in-one eCommerce customer management platform that gives you direct access to all your customer data and interactions in one place.

  • Conversion Dashboard

  • Dynamic Segmentation

  • Social Media & Email Campaigns.

WebMaxy Analyzer

WebMaxy Analyzer helps you to understand your users’ behavior and patterns. Plan and strategize better to target your customers effectively. Get everything in one tool.

  • Session Recordings

  • Click and scroll maps

  • Surveys and Feedback

Survey Bunny

Get accurate and meaningful insights directly from your customers. Launching surveys was never so easy.

  • 200+ ready-to-launch survey templates.

  • Customizable questions & answers.

  • Share survey results with ease.

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How do you measure/ analyze user behavior?

WebMaxy Analyzer helps you analyze user behavior through various features like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys & polls, funnel view, form analytics, push notifications, and many more

Can you see who visits your website?

Yes, with WebMaxy Analyzer, you can see who visits your website. You can know for how long they were on your site and how they interacted & engaged with the website.

What is funnel analysis? How to use it to boost conversions?

Funnel analysis is the process of understanding the steps of the customer journey to find ways to improve it. You can boost conversions by enhancing the customer journey experience and rectifying any issues they might be facing. 

What is a website heatmap? How to create and analyze it?

A website heatmap is a visual representation of where the users have clicked on the website. You can create free heatmaps on your web pages by using WebMaxy Analyzer.

How to track user activity on your website?

You can track user activity on your website by using WebMaxy Analyzer. It can help you see what exactly your users do on your website. There are various features in it, such as session recordings, heatmaps, surveys & feedback,  funnel view, form analytics, and so on.

See what people are saying about WebMaxy

I’m constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. WebMaxy Analyzer helped me to cut through assumptions and guesswork. I was directly able to see how our customers interacted with our site.

Evana Lequenne

Digital Marketing Executive

We took the free trial of WebMaxy Analyzer. Voila! It actually worked for our business. We were able to identify our website’s UI/UX problems. In no time, we switched to their paid subscription. Highly recommended!

Vivian Joseph

Marketing Manager

WebMaxy Analyzer actually does what it claims. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t sure how much this tool would help our business. But when our team started using it, we were impressed by the accurate insights we received. It helped us make many strategic changes.

Nick Contado

Head of Marketing