Analyze user interaction with your website and web applications

WebMaxy Analyzer helps you find the missing dots in analyzing user behavior. Get qualitative data that improve your web app and website.

Deliver great user experience backed by data

Your users expect more. We help you connect all the dots and data so you can find pain
points and opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed…

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Session Replay

Session Replay

Get access to real user journey video, with automatic Friction Scores that detect where to focus first.

heatmap software
Heat Maps

What attracts your users most 

Know what attracts your users most and what goes unnoticed with WebMaxy heatmaps. 


Form Analysis

Get the right form

Your forms may not work the way you wanted them to work. Get a completed form analysis of your website with the analyzer.

Survey and Polls
Survey and Polls

Get Benefited with Survey and Polls

Get started with the smart surveys and polls that attract your customers to reply. Get custom reporting and tracking. 


Closer View of Funnels

Analyze the funnel more gradually with accurate data and desired view. Get started with the WebMaxy Funnel today.

User Insights

Get the User Insights you can rely upon

Connect the missing dots to build a future proof strategy with WebMaxy user insights


Looking to offer awesome digital experiences

Customer experience is evolving with every passing day, but not every change is liked by your target customers. Know what works best for your visitors. WebMaxy Analyzer helps you find the extra details that help brands convert visitors into leads. WebMaxy is the missing puzzle that  connect all the dots and data so you can get the insights of real pain. 

Boost Web Conversions

Boost web conversions

What you see the most may get unnoticed from your visitors. See you application from the eyes of your visitors- not just one or two visitors but every visitors. This data will help you understand what works well for your brands and and what don’t. Incorporate data based decision making in business strategies.

Achieve Business Goals

Achieve business goals

Keep a track of the goals you need to achieve from your website and web application with the key metrics of your website across segments. The advanced funnel analysis helps you find out which pages are the most valued and which is causing significant drop-off.

Know Your Visitor

Know your visitor

WebMaxy’s heatmap is the most advanced heatmap presently available in the market. It gives an insight of the visitors’ clicking and scrolling patterns. Thus helping decision makers know what work well form them. With session recording, know how individual visitor behave in recorded form.

Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer experience

Track the key metrics of your website across segments and know what is like by your customer most and what is dislike by them and most importantly find out the page which is causing the significant drop-off.

Visitor Segmentation

Visitor segmentation

Easily segment the visitors to find out more about your website performance. Weather your product/services is reaching to the right audience. The visit segmentation helps get data on a specific demographic or to target a niche audience for your experiments.

Beyond Login Sessions

Beyond login sessions

You can use all of our features, even if you have an Single Page Application (SPA), PWA or your website loads a single HTML page that updates dynamically as visitors interact with it.

We play well with others

Save time and effort. Integrate WebMaxy with dozens of tools.

Get started with WebMaxy today

Convert your visitors into leads, start making calculated decisions 

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See what people are saying about WebMaxy

I’m constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. WebMaxy Analyzer helped me to cut through assumptions and guesswork. I was directly able to see how our customers interacted with our site.

Evana Lequenne

Digital Marketing Executive

We took the free trial of WebMaxy Analyzer. Voila! It actually worked for our business. We were able to identify our website’s UI/UX problems. In no time, we switched to their paid subscription. Highly recommended!

Vivian Joseph

Marketing Manager

WebMaxy Analyzer actually does what it claims. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t sure how much this tool would help our business. But when our team started using it, we were impressed by the accurate insights we received. It helped us make many strategic changes.

Nick Contado

Head of Marketing