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Reach, engage, and convert your customers
with an all-in-one e-commerce growth solution

Evaluate Your Comprehensive Marketing Data and Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Live Marketing Campaign Tracker and Conversion Dashboard to get Real Marketing Insights

KPI Dashboard

Analyze the KPIs and know how your business is performing. See what’s working & what’s not working and make data-informed decisions.

  • Know your marketing spend, revenue, CPC, CAC, ROAS, and ACOS from one place.

  • Keep a check on your Social engagement, Email responses, and NPS score.

AI Driven Marketing Insights

Get detailed marketing insights and make smart investments that drive results. Know the conversion contribution of your organic and paid marketing channels.

  • Evaluate net sales, total sales, total orders, avg order value, conversion rate, and retention rate.

  • Use multitouch attribution models to analyze the performance of your marketing channels. 

Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing campaigns to push your customers ahead in the funnel and to lead successful conversions.

  • Create customer journey workflows that make your customers’ navigation easy and seamless.

  • Develop workflows with easy graphs and decide a course of action that follows your customers’ responses. 

Audience Builder

Audience segmentation enables you to divide your target audience into segments based on different attributes.

  • Create lists and target your customers effectively with personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Target customers based on recent actions and their stage of the buying journey.

Help Desk

Help desk can help you in performing customer support activities from one place for customers on different platforms.

  • Ensure quick replies and save time by interacting with different customers at the same time.

  • Set automated replies to ensure no customer leaves in frustration or anger.

The Performance Marketing Platform
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I’m constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. WebMaxy Analyzer helped me to cut through assumptions and guesswork. I was directly able to see how our customers interacted with our site.

Evana Lequenne

Digital Marketing Executive

We came across the WebMaxy team a few months back. After knowing about the product we thought of giving it a try and it turned out to be really good. We were actually able to get more conversions. Keep up the good work WebMaxy!

Jonathan Baren

Head of Marketing

WebMaxy helps me to keep up with all the marketing information. I don’t need to ask for reports from my team members constantly. This is the best advantage of this tool. I would highly recommend it to anyone in an authoritative position.

Arnia Geronimi

Marketing Manager

WebMaxy is so far the best performance marketing tool I have used. Analyzing marketing reports has become so easy with this tool. I am now making investments based on the marketing channel results. Truly amazing!

Jack Linkin

Marketing specialist

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What is performance marketing software?

A performance marketing platform tracks the ROI of your different marketing channels and campaigns. It is used to capture and analyze various data points like user sessions, clicks, impressions, conversions, bounce rates, abandoned carts, etc.

What is WebMaxy eGrowth tool used for?

WebMaxy eGrowth tool is an all-in-one performance marketing platform for eCommerce. It can help you analyze your marketing channels’ performance and revenue contribution. You can automate your social media marketing and email campaigns. With eGrowth, you can create marketing automation workflows to enhance your customer experience. It can help you create a customer loyalty program that brings more repeat customers and increases the retention rate. The help desk feature enables you to interact with your customers on different platforms from one place. You can also run re-targeting ads to bring back your previous customers. 

How do you scale a small online business?

You can scale a small online business by using the WebMaxy eGrowth tool. You can analyze your extensive marketing data and the revenue contribution of different channels. This way you can make data-driven decisions and smart investments.

What are the benefits of performance marketing?

Performance marketing can help business owners and marketers to measure & evaluate the results of their marketing channels. There are many benefits of performance marketing which are mentioned below.

  • It helps in gaining insights into the performance of different marketing campaigns.

  • Helps in knowing the conversion and revenue contribution of different channels.

  • It helps marketers in making investments in the right marketing channels.

Is affiliate marketing the same as performance marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not the same but a subset of performance marketing which includes email marketing, influencer marketing, and search marketing where the affiliates are given commission payouts based on the leads or sales they make.

How can I grow my eCommerce business?

For an eCommerce business to grow it’s important that you reach the right audiences and increase your sales. You need to have a robust strategy in place that brings traffic to your website and converts visitors into customers. There are various ways through which you can – — grow your eCommerce business such as, 
– By investing in the right marketing channels. 
– Running email marketing campaigns. 
– Setting up a customer loyalty program. 
– Automating your marketing flow with eGrowth. 
– Retargeting your audiences. 

How to set up marketing/workflow automation?

Marketing automation can help you conduct your marketing activities without the need for human intervention. You just need to set up workflows that will follow your customer’s specific action. You can set up marketing automation with the help of WebMaxy eGrowth. You can create workflows for different customer activities like product browsing, abandoned carts, first purchase upsell, abandoned checkout, etc. You can automate your marketing for email, Whatsapp, and SMS messaging.

How to start email marketing for your eCommerce brand?

Email marketing can help you create brand awareness and reach your target audience effectively. It can aid you in targeting your customers with personalized messaging. You can start email marketing for your eCommerce brand with WebMaxy eGrowth. You can create customer segments based on different attributes and behavioral traits. Create, plan, and schedule your email marketing campaigns. Analyze the email marketing reports to make significant changes and take data-informed decisions.

How to do audience segmentation in your campaigns?

Audience segmentation can help you to target your audience based on their interests and preferences. This way you can send personalized messages and build strong customer relationships. You can do audience segmentation in your campaigns by using WebMaxy eGrowth. You can create customer lists and segments on the basis of their attributes and activities. Then, you can use these lists and segments directly in your email, WhatsApp, and SMS campaigns. 

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