Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy: Which one is the best? 


Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy is going to be a tough face-off. All of these are some of the best user behavior analytics tools available in the market. Google Analytics is also one of the popular analytics tool which gathers accurate website insights. But for deeper customer insights, you need to switch to one of these user behavior analytics tools

Here, we will discuss and compare the features of Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy. At the end of this blog, you will be able to decide which one is the best tool for all your needs. 

Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy 

Hotjar, CrazyEgg, and WebMaxy, all of these tools offer a free trial plan. So, if you want to try them yourself, then you can easily do it. 

Below we will give you side by side comparison of Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy

But first, what makes WebMaxy different from Hotjar and Crazy Egg? 

  • Forever-free basic plan: WebMaxy Analyzer offers you a forever-free basic plan with some of its best-limited features. You can try our free trial and subscribe to paid plans to get more advanced features.
  • 360 degrees view of customers: WebMaxy Analyzer can provide you with the full picture of your customers. It has many features that can track all the information you need about your website visitors. 
  • Best customer support: We value our customers and their trust in us. Our team of professionals is always available to help them with their doubts or issues if they face any. 

Now, we will give you the comparison table for Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy

   Hotjar  Crazy Egg    WebMaxy 
Free Trial  Yes   Yes    Yes 
Heatmaps  Yes   Yes     Yes 
Session Recordings  Yes   Yes      Yes 
A/B testing  No   Yes 
Feedbacks  Yes   No      Yes 
Surveys  Yes   No      Yes 
User Insights  Yes   Yes      Yes 

Brief history: Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs WebMaxy 

Hotjar was launched in the year 2014 with the aim of providing analytics and feedback to the marketers. Later the Hotjar team decided to offer a free version so that more teams and businesses could utilize it to understand their website visitors better. They relatively started with a low price and then increased it over the years. However, they haven’t made much advancements in terms of features.

Crazy Egg was founded in the year 2006 by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah. It was one of its kind and popular platform that helped businesses to track and analyze their website conversion rates. It gave marketers an easy way to evaluate data in visual form.  

WebMaxy was founded in the year 2022 by Anand Mahajan, who’s also the founder of a software development company, Sphinx Solutions. WebMaxy Analyzer is an all-in-one user behavior analytics software that comes with the most advanced features. Our mission was to develop a platform that gives a 360-degree view of the customers to the business owners and marketers.

Pricing Plans 

Hotjar Pricing

The basic plan with limited features costs $0/month.  The plus plan costs $32/month, and the business plan with maximum features starts from $80/month.

Crazy Egg Pricing 

Crazyegg offers a free trial version and the basic plan starts from $29/month. The standard plan costs $49/month, the plus plan costs $99/month, and the pro plan costs $249/month.

WebMaxy Pricing 

WebMaxy Analyzer offers a free trial version and the basic plan with limited features costs $0/month. The plus plan starts from $33/month, and the business plan costs $99/month. For enterprise plan, contact our sales team at    

Get more in-depth and comprehensive data with WebMaxy 

WebMaxy Analyzer is a user behavior analytic tool that can help business owners, digital marketing managers, and researchers to understand and identify customer behavior patterns. Rather than relying on traditional analytics tools, you can switch to an advanced tool. WebMaxy can help you in many ways, such as:

Identify the website issues that make visitors leave your website. 
Discover the pages that perform well and which don’t. 
Get more detailed information that Google Analytics won’t give you. 

Now, let us discuss these features in more details.

Identify the website issues that make visitors leave your website

You must have seen that your website has a lot of visitors, but the conversion rate is comparatively less. What makes your website visitors leave before making a purchase? Are they able to find what they were looking for? WebMaxy can help you to find answers to all these questions and execute website optimization.  

It offers live session recordings that you can access anytime and see how people interact and engage with your website. You can know the UI/UX issues they are experiencing and what elements they are clicking on the website. Additionally, you can take feedback from customers directly about their experience with your website. 

hotjar pricing

WebMaxy feedback surveys let your users share their thoughts and opinions with you. You can conduct surveys on the website and on different web pages. You can easily collect visitors’ feedback and act on it to improve your conversion rate. You can also view the recordings to find out where people are struggling and what pages they are clicking and returning back to. 

You can analyze their actions and see how they navigate through your website. This qualitative information, along with session replay data, can help you get a better grip on what your users like or dislike. 

Discover the pages that perform well and which don’t

WebMaxy provides you with a robust feature that helps you assess the effectiveness of your website. Website heatmaps are a good way to find out your users’ activity on your website. There are two types of heat maps called click maps and scroll maps. 

Click maps show you the areas of the website where users have clicked. The most clicked areas are indicated by the bright red color, whereas the least clicked areas are highlighted in blue. 

crazyegg vs hotjar

Scroll maps can help you in knowing till where your users have scrolled down on a page. This way you can know where your visitors’ attention drop. Then, you can make sure that you place the relevant information accordingly. 

crazyegg pricing

Also, you can try putting up a feedback button on a page with a rating scale or emojis. It will directly help you to know  if your visitors are satisfied with their experience or not.

Get more detailed information than Google Analytics

Google Analytics can give you a lot of information about your website, like average time on page and high exit rate page. However, with it, you can’t know why it’s happening and what’s the reason. WebMaxy Analyzer can help you know the exact reasons and the factors causing it. Instead of relying on guesswork and assumptions, you can view the users’ sessions and identify the technical glitches, broken links, or website issues. 

You can check out the heatmaps of your forms to see the attributes from where the people are exiting without submitting. You can also take an on-site survey to get direct feedback from your customers. WebMaxy Analyzer offers a wide range of survey templates that you can use to conduct different types of customer surveys. 

popular analytics tool

Which is the best user behavior analytic tool?

WebMaxy Analyzer is the best user behavior analytic tool that can help you understand your customer behavior and make data driven decisions. You can get real time user insights through its various features such as session recordings, heatmaps, survey & polls, funnel and form analytics. By gathering qualitative along with quantitative data, you can get a clear picture of your customers’ needs, wants or expectations.

WebMaxy Analyzer comes with many advanced features that you can utilize to improve your website experience. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more about WebMaxy Analyzer, or email us at

WebMaxy helps brands discover user experience with a set of tools like heatmap, visitor analytics, web survey and many more. Sign up with email. Free trials forever.


Which is better Hotjar or Crazy Egg?

Hotjar is a tool that is best for heatmaps and behavior analytics whereas Crazy Egg is best suited for tracking specific users. For beginner-level marketers, Hotjar is a good choice. Crazy Egg is a good option for intermediate and advanced marketers. However, Crazy Egg doesn’t offer a forever-free plan.

Is CrazyEgg a Web tracking tool?

Crazy Egg is an online analytics tool that tracks data from individual pages of your website. It creates heatmaps that make it easy for you to see where your website visitors are clicking. You can filter data with it based on search terms, operating systems, top 15 referrers, etc.

Is Crazy Egg or Hotjar Best?

Both Crazy egg and Hotjar can help you collect analytics and insights about your users and website. Hotjar has features like session replays, click & scroll maps, surveys, and feedback widgets. Crazy Egg offers features like session recordings, heatmaps, and A/B testing. You can choose the best one based on your needs and preferences.

What is the use of Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is an analytics tool that can help you to track your website visitors. You can see how your visitors interact and where they click on your website. This way you can improve your website and boost the conversion rate.  It is best suited for intermediate and advanced marketers.

How does Crazy Egg work?

Crazy Egg monitors individual pages from your website and gives you user insights. You can know where your users have clicked. You can filter the data by the time to click, top referrers, search terms, and so on. With Crazy Egg, you can make data-driven changes and get better results.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson comes with an experience of 12+ years in the IT industry. As a Customer Success Manager, he has been researching and trying to understand the customers’ behavior in different scenarios. He has also studied human psychology to relate it to the purchase journey of the customers. His published books on customer psychology and behavior have received many honors and awards from various enterprises.

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