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Every day so many visitors visit your website. But do you know how many of them might be interested in your product/service? Well, if you don’t then utilizing user behavior analytics tools can help you with that.

Knowing how your user behaves and navigates through the website can assist you in designing your site. User entity behavior analytics tools can uncover many insights and give you a clear understanding of the customers’ minds. Keep reading the blog to know the 10 best analytics tools that you can deploy to improve your customer experience.

First, let’s start with the definition of user behavior analytics tools.

What are user behavior analytics tools?

User behavior analytics tools can help you to know the actions and activities of users on your website. You can know and understand how your customers interact and engage with different elements of your website. 

This user analysis data can aid you to revamp your site and marketing strategy accordingly. With analytics data, you can unveil problems like bugs, website speed, perplexing design, inappropriately placed CTAs, and much more. 

Top 10 user behavior analytics tools

In this section, we’ll tell you the top 10 behavior analytics tools that you can use to analyze your prospective customers’ behavior.

1. Webmaxy


Webmaxy is a user behaviour analytics tool that can help you track website visitors’ activities and engagement. Additionally, it can assist you to understand your target market and their areas of interest. 

This behavior analytics tool aids you to track customers’ behavior in different ways:

  1. User behavior survey: You can create a fully customized survey with pre-designed attractive templates available in it. Asking relevant user experience questions can help you in knowing the areas of development.
  1.  Session replay: Webmaxy’s session replay can show you the entire visitors’ interaction journey. You can see where the user has clicked, scrolled, and made the mouse movement along with other crucial details.

With Webmaxy’s session replay tool you can get this essential data:

  • Website bugs 
  • Responsiveness of pages 
  • Design related issues 
  • Security threats 
  • Reasons for poor conversion rate 
  1. Heatmaps: Webmaxy heatmaps give you an elaborative graphical representation of your users’ interaction. They allow you to see where the users have clicked and the areas which they ignored. Therefore, you can add your CTAs appropriately and optimize your website accordingly. 

2. Hotjar

user behavior tools

Hotjar is one of the best analytics tools that give you users insights and detailed analysis.  There are various features in it such as recordings, heatmaps,  and surveys.

You can use it to gather real-time user data and information. Additionally, you can get information about what attributes your users fill in the forms and from where they leave.

However, the con is that it can’t isolate the elements clicked on for a deeper evaluation. 

Pricing plan: Hotjar has a free plan for up to 1050 recordings/month and up to 35 daily sessions. The paid plan starts at $39/month. 

3. CrazyEgg

top user behavior analytics tools

CrazyEgg is a user behavior analytics tool that can aid you in knowing your customers’ preferences and experiences.  This tool can help you understand your website’s interface problems and the scope of betterment. 

With CrazyEgg, you get different user engagement details like scroll maps, heatmap, confetti, and overlay.  

Pricing plan: CrazyEgg offers a 30-day free trial and the paid plan starts from $24/ month.

4. FullStory

popular user behavior analytics tools

FullStory is one of the popular user behavior analytics tools that can help entrepreneurs know and understand their customers journey. You can get key insights into your visitors’ interactions and engagement. This tool can aid you to know what your customers like and dislike about your website.

The drawback of CrazyEgg is that its dashboard isn’t customizable and searching the sessions is quite tricky.

Pricing plan: It has a free 14-day trial version. For customized plans and pricing details you need to contact their sales team. 

5. VWO

user behavior analytics tool

VWO is a user behavior analytics tool that exhibits how visitors navigate through your website. It tracks every move of the prospects right from the clicks, scrolls to webpages, and form submissions.

The highlight of this tool is its easy-to-use interface that even non-technical team members can use. You get an A/B testing option with it which you can use to test your different design elements. 

Pricing plan: For the pricing plan, you need to contact their sales team.

6. Heap

best user behavior analytics tools

Heap is listed in the top user behavior analytics tool and can help marketers to know their prospects better. The main advantage of Heap is you get comprehensive details of your website visitors. You can know where they come from and what they were doing while on the website. 

The downside of this tool is that the data it tracks is aggregated as all data is merged into one. 

Pricing plan: You can get a free plan for up to 10k sessions/month, and 1 user. The paid plan begins at $3,600 annually.

7. Amplitude

user behavior data

Amplitude is among the best user behavior analytics tools for mobile and website versions. This tool gives visitors insights in the form of visual representations and charts. 

Apart from tracking users’ website behavior, it traces ‘events’ like scrolls, clicks on a CTA button, or playing of a video. 

Pricing plan: You can start with Amplitude for free at first. For more analytics features and paid plans, you need to contact their sales team.

8. Mixpanel

best analytics tools

Mixpanel is a user behavior analytics tool that is best for in-depth reporting. The main features of this tool are a custom dashboard, A/B testing, data representation, and conversion tracking. 

Apart from that, you can integrate Mixpanel with many business platforms like AB Tasty, Convert, and AWS. 

Pricing plan: You can try its free plan version and the paid plan starts from $25/user/month. 

9. Mouseflow

website heatmaps

Mouseflow is a user behavior analytics tool that can help you enhance your customers’ digital experience. This tool lets you construct six types of heatmaps for every page and build funnels to find out users’ drop-off rates. 

You can utilize Mouseflow to catch bugs, launch feedback campaigns, and do A/B testing. It can also be integrated with platforms like HubSpot, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Optimizely. 

Pricing plan: You can try a 14-day free trial version of Mouseflow. The paid plan starts from $24/user/month. 

10. Datadog

user behavior

Datadog is a user behavior analytics tool that can provide you with end-to-end insights into your users journey. With Datadog, you can analyze the front-end application performance and examine the visitors’ experience. 

You can keep your users’ information and details unified and maintain observability of the whole tech stack.

This tool can be integrated with many business platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Workday, and Oracle. 

Pricing plan: Datadog 14-day free trial version is available.  The paid plan starts from $15/user/month. 

Wrapping it up 

In the last few years, user behavior analytics tools have gained a lot of importance.  Entrepreneurs and marketers have come to the realization that providing the best user experience is the key to business growth. Webmaxy can help you analyze and understand your prospective customers and build awesome user experience

You can get comprehensive data like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and much more. Additionally, you can inspect this data in various graphical representations and modify your strategy accordingly. 

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What are user behavior analytics tools?

User behavior analytics tools help you understand customers’ behavior and patterns. By using them you can understand your users’ needs, wants, and expectations. Some of the popular user behavior analytics tools are as follows:
– WebMaxy Analyzer 
– Hotjar 
– Mouseflow
– Crazy Egg 

What are the examples of user behavior analytics?

Examples of user behavior analytics are activation rate, retention rate, funnel drop-off, surveys & feedback, engagement metrics, etc. User behavior analytics can help you in knowing customer experiences and preferences. This way you can create better strategies and get more customers to your business.

Which tools can be used for tracking user Behavior?

Nowadays, there are several tools available in the market for tracking user behavior. We have mentioned some of the best user behavior analytics tools below.
– WebMaxy Analyzer
– FullStory 
– VWO 
– Amplitude

Which one is a popular analytics tool?

WebMaxy Analyzer is a popular analytics tool that can help you to gather accurate user insights. It has many features like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys & polls, feedback, funnel view, form analytics, segmentation, push notifications, advanced integrations, and much more.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson comes with an experience of 12+ years in the IT industry. As a Customer Success Manager, he has been researching and trying to understand the customers’ behavior in different scenarios. He has also studied human psychology to relate it to the purchase journey of the customers. His published books on customer psychology and behavior have received many honors and awards from various enterprises.

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