Get insights and causes behind high drop-off.

Examine Complex User Journeys

Conversion pathways are rarely sequential. You can gain visibility into complex user conversion behaviors by creating funnels for user journeys across the same or the different number of sessions.

Understand User Behavior

Get real-time statistics on how people are using your product which is easy to understand. Additionally, establish KPIs such as “onboarding accomplished.” based on crucial events like “account creation, profile creation, and the sending of 3+ messages.”

Track Changes

Helps you discover changes leading to customer dropping. Track opportunities to improve your product.

Discover Trends

When your team notices a certain behavior trending in your product, such as decreasing onboarding rates, Investigate the data or utilize our automated analysis to discover why.

Develop Quality Products

Powerful, self-serve product analytics to aid in increasing user conversion, engagement, and retention.

Beyond Login

Know exactly how your user performed in their session with session recording. The recording will help you give the video tour of your visors activity on your application

Get started with WebMaxy Funnel

WebMaxy analyzer has all the tools you require to analyze user behavior.
Generate leads by using the powerful visitor’s analyzer tool.

Three other tools available with WebMaxy Analyzer

WebMaxy analyzer is everything that you need to understand user behavior. Boost conversions with the robust visitor’s analyzer tool.

Why you should try Funnels

You can use a funnel to better understand what potential customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the purchasing journey. These insights help you invest in the right marketing activities and distribution channels, develop the most relevant messaging for each step, and convert more visitors into potential customers.

A few more reasons to try Funnel

Automate your business.

Try funnels for every goal
on your site.

Scale your business in a
predictable manner

Put more traffic through the funnel and make more money

Reduce customer
acquisition cost

control where you send the traffic,
what the user sees and what they buy etc.