8 Ways online survey software can improve survey response rates


Surveys are one of the most economical ways to gather a significant amount of data at scale in a reasonably short amount of time. It provides a great deal of data on client feedback, ranging from gathering information on buying behaviors and perspectives about services and products to personal opinions.

While surveys are excellent for learning the characteristics of a specific consumer segment and filling data gaps to build unique experiences, the first challenge is ensuring that a sufficient number of respondents complete the survey. This is where reliable online survey software comes in.

According to Research and Markets report, the market for online survey software is estimated to reach USD 4.86 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 14.90%. With global competition increasing, businesses are trying to enhance consumer satisfaction by using online survey tools.

Advantages of using online survey software

Online survey software offers many advantages for businesses, researchers, and organizations that aim to gather information from a large audience and boost conversion rates

According to a LinkedIn article, the capacity to reach the worldwide population with a single touch and the opportunity to save costs involved in the traditional approach is driving the increased popularity of online survey software. Here are the other benefits of using online survey software.

1. Efficient data collection

Surveys can be easily distributed through online platforms and provide a quick way to collect data from many people. The data collected is automatically organized and stored in a centralized database, making data analysis more efficient.

2. Consistent data collection

Survey software ensures a consistent and standardized data collection process, reducing the possibility of human error and increasing data reliability.

3. Real-time insights

Survey tools provide real-time data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions quickly. 

4. Improved data accuracy

Surveys reduce the risk of human error and bias, improving the accuracy and reliability of the data collected.

5. Targeted questions

Surveys can be tailored to specific audiences, allowing organizations to ask targeted questions and gather more relevant data.

6. Detailed reporting

Survey maker provides detailed reports and data visualization capabilities, making it easier to analyze and interpret the data collected. The information acquired can be used to develop marketing research and manage projects. Some companies use Asana alternatives to help them with marketing, planning, and project implementation.

Key features of online survey software that help improve response rate

You could feel overrun by the abundance of options while choosing the software for your marketing strategies research. You can reduce your options by knowing the best survey software’s key features to boost survey response rates. Here are a few criteria to consider when comparing the online survey tools examples.

1. Multimedia integration

Making a survey more engaging will motivate respondents to complete it, especially if the topic needs to be more interesting. A survey can be made more engaging by using visual, audio, and video content. A questionnaire that displays rating scales in multiple ways can make the process more interesting. There should be interactive tools like sliders and sort piles where words may be dragged into piles.

2. Survey display options

This feature allows users of online survey platforms to specify where they want their survey to appear. Some users may prefer to display their questionnaire in an email, while others may prefer to display it on a webpage; the best survey solutions will accommodate all of these options.

If a small business wants to create a website to display its poll, it should look at the list of website builder software systems. Website builder software systems are designed to be easy to use and don’t need much of a learning curve. With website builder software, you can build a stunning website, attract clients, and sell products online quickly and affordably.

3. Survey templates

Most online survey solutions will have a collection of pre-made questionnaire templates. These are frequently used survey templates, such as brand perception, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction surveys.

4. Skip logic

Branching logic is a feature that enables you to create new queries based on the user’s initial responses. This signifies that the follow-up queries will vary based on the respondent’s previous response. The skip logic feature helps reduce the time to finish the survey and boost completion rates.

5. User segmentation

This function enables you to deliver surveys to particular subsets of your audience. You may send several questionnaires to new and recurring users. You can also get pertinent and informative user-specific data using this functionality.

According to Computers in Human Behavior Reports, the average online survey response rate is 44.1%. The same report suggests that distributing surveys to a well-defined and refined group benefits the online survey response rate.

6. Timing and reminders

To increase participation, use a survey maker to schedule the poll at a time that works best for the respondents. To enhance response rates and guarantee a representative sample, you can also send a notification to non-respondents.

7. Multilingual support

The most effective survey creation tools offer the ability to design surveys for a more international audience and, as a result, offer features that support many languages. This could include spell-checkers for several languages and an auto-detect application that automatically adjusts the survey to the respondent’s default language.

8. Mobile friendly

A solid online software solution will let you customize the survey’s look on any device. When completing a survey on a mobile phone, it is at times needed to abbreviate the text. Computers and tablets can display images nicely, but the text on a mobile phone may appear better. An online survey software should recognize the device that a respondent is using and adjust the display appropriately.

Increase survey response rates with online survey software

Since not all online survey platforms offer the same functionality or customer support, choosing the best online survey software is essential. Additionally, you benefit from practical features that make it simple for you to complete your online survey and let you combine several survey approaches into a single report. Due to these functionalities, you can reach more respondents, collect all the required information, and improve your response rate.

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