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How to Reduce

eCom Return Rates?

Increasing eCommerce return rate is a major concern of eCommerce businesses. Join this eCommerce webinar to learn the proven strategies to reduce your eCommerce return rates.

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Speakers Details

Will Laurenson

CEO & CRO Consultant

Customers Who Click, England
(12+ years of experience)

Ankush Pahuja

CEO & Business Head

BloomEgg, India
(7+ years of experience)

Sagarika Agrawal

Founder & CRO Expert

Professional Freelancer, India
(5+ years of experience)

Jonny Longden

Digital Experience Director

Journey Further, England
(20+ years of experience)

Did You Know ?
At least 30% products purchased online are


67% of online shoppers check the returns page before making a purchase.
79% of people look for free return shipping on an eCommerce website. 
20% of customers return the product saying they received a damaged product. 
22% of consumers return the product saying it looks different than the product images given on the website.  
23% of the customers return the product stating they received the wrong item. 
92% of consumers said that they will buy again if the product return process is easy.

eCommerce return rates are a major concern for eCommerce brands. When a customer returns a product, the brand has to provide a complete refund and the shipping cost also comes on the brand. This results in eCommerce brands being at a loss.

Webinar Host

Ananad Mahajan

What are the major reasons for eCommerce returns?

Some of the common reasons for eCommerce returns are:

Size or fit issue.
The size is larger or smaller than expected.

Purchase of multiple products with an intent to return some or all.

Failure to set the right and appropriate customer expectations.

In this eCommerce Webinar, you’ll learn

How to reduce eCommerce return rates through strategic changes?
How to clearly communicate and set your customers’ expectations? 
Minimize return rates and turn them into opportunities for increasing customer loyalty. 
How to offer returns and exchanges so as to reduce your business loss? 
Which is the best eCommerce returns solution?

But how can you tackle your eCommerce return rates?

Join the eCommerce return rate Webinar by WebMaxy to learn the best strategies and tactics to reduce your eCommerce return rate.